Кафедра «Технология проектирования и эксплуатации летательных аппаратов»
  • Course "Theory of machines and mechanisms":

    Lecture 1. Theory of machines and mechanisms. The world of mechanisms.
    Lecture 2. The kinematic geometry of mechanisms.
    Lecture 3. Structure of mechanisms.
    Practical work 1. Synthesis of a planar mechanism in SolidWorks.
    Lecture 4. Kinematics of mechanisms. Velocities.
    Lecture 5. Kinematics of mechanisms. Accelerations.
    Lecture 6. Dynamics.
    Practical work 2. Force calculation for a planar mechanism.
    Lecture 7. Kinematics of Gears
    Lecture 8. An epicyclic gear trains.
    Practical work 3. Let’s make Gears.
    Lecture 9. Cams and followers: analysis. Cams and followers: synthesis
    Practical work 4. Laser show by cams.
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